10 of the Best Script Fonts for your Guest Book

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If you're looking for font inspiration for your guest book. Here's 10 beautiful script fonts to choose from, for your wedding, event or occasion.

Must Have Guest Book Questions

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Free printable questions to include in your guest book

must have questions

Which Guest Book Are You?

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Just as we all celebrate important occasions with our own unique stamp on it, we can and should record events in our own personal way.

Unfortunately most people still see a guest book as a signatory book and nothing more. Certainly if it's not your style and you don't wanna end up with a bunch of signatures, you're not going to see the value in the guest book or certainly go out of your way to invest in one.

But there are a plethora of options and it should come down to YOU; your personal style. How do you want to record your significant event in your life?

The formal guest book option below is great for museums, at galleries, formal events, anniversaries and weddings where you want to record attendance figures.

formal guest book

Questions and drawing layouts for guest books are FUN. It encourages the guests to be creative and a little bit cheeky with their answers and brings out the personality of your guests. These types of guest book layouts make it so much more memorable because you have a record of the quirky fun people in your life that you love.

comic layout

The Photo Guest Book is one of the most popular trending guest books today. These are fantastic! What a great way to remember your friends and guests all happy and dressed up celebrating one of the most important occasions in your life, whether it's a wedding, engagement, birthdays, anniversary. The photo guest book is a wonderful combination of gorgeous funny pics and beautiful messages. And when you look back on that over time, the memories just keep flooding back and you get to relieve that moment over and over again.  Its a worthy investment.

photo guest book

This last one is one of my faves, as it brings out the creativity in me. And these are the blank guest books. With blank guest books you can go nuts! They are sooooo flexible in their use. This is where you get some great stuff from your guests. It's like giving them a blank canvas and saying go and create! And they do! Give them a polaroid, or stamps, stickers, ink pads, coloured pencils and let them just create. You'll never be disappointed with the results.

blank guest book


So which guest book are you? We'd love to know.


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