Beckoning Designs respects your privacy and handles all information in accordance with the Privacy Act 2001.

Why do we collect information?

We collect information for 2 primary reasons;

  1. Website and Visitor Usage Statistics
This type of information is usually generic and may include, age, sex and location and pre-dominantly enables us to improve, modify and enhance our products and services to you and the wider community.

        2. To Complete your Transaction
This type of information is usually specific and may include; name, age, address, email, phone number and credit card details. Your credit card details our not stored or revealed on our system.

We have no interest or intention to sell your information to any third party.

What information is collected?

Primarily, any information we collect will be supplied by you. This information is determined by the level of services or interaction with us. This may include: name, address, email, credit card details, phone number,  age or sex.

If you supply your email or postal address to us, you may receive periodic mail from us, with information on new products, promotions and up-and-coming events.If you choose to communicate with us via email, we will record your email address.  If  you participate in any on-line surveys or voting polls, we will record any information you provide on the form. If you supply us with your phone number we may contact you with information regarding your online order. If you do not wish to receive emails from us, then please email or call us directly and your details will be removed as soon as your request is received.

How is information collected?

Most information we receive will be supplied to us by your interaction with us, via voting polls, surveys, purchases, general enquiries, wedding service enquiries,  creating an account, or signing up to our newsletter.

Any further information collected is done so with the customer's consent. 

Further inquiries regarding your privacy can be made by contacting us directly.

Beckoning Designs can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or by phone 0422 456 437

Our Mailing address is;

Beckoning Designs

12 Rathbone Crt
Qld 4213