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Brides Most Commonly Asked Questions

Your satisfaction is  very important to me, please address any questions you may have regarding the details of ordering a guest book/album before purchasing by visiting our T&C page.

If you have an unanswered question, please don't hesitate to contact Beck This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When should I order my Guest Book?

The busiest time of year for us is August through to April. Whilst I would love you to be ordering at the same time as your invites, if this time has passed, then we would definitely recommend 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day.

Left it to under 4 weeks? Absolutely email me as soon as possible and I'll see what I can do. It's definitely possible, but I just need to see if I can fit you in last minute.

Please contact us if you would like a book under 2 weeks. It may be possible, but we definitely need you to contact us before ordering to make sure. Thank you.

I recommend ordering your guest book at the same time as you order your invitations about 3-4 months before your wedding day. This way it is clear in your mind what colours you want and how you want your guest book set out. Ordering 3-4 months out SECURES your order, so you have complete PEACE OF MIND that you're not going to miss out by leaving it to the last minute. And lastly, it gives me plenty of time to work with you in designing and producing your guest book.

What options do I have for creating an amazing guest book?

This is one of THE most common questions I get from brides. Brides like you, just want a book that they'll LOVE, but feel frustrated because they simply don't know what options they have.

So here's some ideas for creating a FABULOUS guest book.

1. Questionnaire -

Ask a series of funny, future or other questions.

For example;

As a couple what are our funniest/quirkiest habits?

What's 3 things could I do for my husband/wife that will keep our love alive?

Where do you see us in 10 years? (Add space here for a picture for extra fun!)

You can even combine questions on the page in frames and allow for some hand drawn pictures as well.

2. Photos and messages.

This is still a hot trend. Many people think you have to go to the large expense to hire a photo booth. Of course you can go this way. The other more economical way is to buy or borrow an instant polaroid camera and film and have guests take photos themselves. Add the photos to your guest book page and the guests write their messages around them.

Polaroid cameras can be bought from Camera House, Big W, Officeworks, as well as film.

3. Guest book with blank pages.

This is a fantastic way to encourage guests to get creative. Instead of guests being limited to where they write on the page, they get to decide.

With the blank pages option, provide coloured pens and textas and picture and word stamps, like congratulations, or stamps with wine glasses.

It's really important with this option that you have a well positioned guest book sign, letting guests know that you want messages, advice or a memory and that they can use as much or as little of the page.

You can buy stamps and stamp pads at craft stores, Kikki K etc. If you get in, in time, ETSY have fabulous stamps.

It's important to note that your wedding guests want to impress you and give you a fantastic guest book to remember your wedding day. So by giving them some creative options, they'll LOVE you for it. AND what you'll end up with is a amazingly memorable book of your wedding day. that you'll LOVE too.

Are the pages acid free?

Yes! All of the papers and interleaving sheets are acid free and suitable to protect your photos. Acid free is important in preserving your photos, but it's just as important to STORE your book in an acid free way.

How do I order my gorgeous Guest Book?

1. Go to my home page

2 Choose your favourite Guest Book

3. Select all your options, including your personal message and cover inscription options

4. Pay easily and securely via Paypal, CC or Direct Debit

5. Have your guest book  personally made and delivered to your door!

When do I pay for my guest book and how?
Payment for your guest book is required at the time of ordering. This means I can begin your book as soon as possible.There are 3 easy payment methods available at the checkout. The easiest and simplest way is to pay through Paypal. Of course you don't have to have an account to use Paypal, you simply need to enter your credit card details. It's simple, safe and secure. The other option is directly into our account. My bank details are available at checkout.

Can I call or email to ask a few questions?

Absolutely. Generally between 9:30 and 5:00pm Mon to Fri. Or we can schedule a time that suits us mutually.

Phone Beck on 0422 456 437 or email your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What types of brides usually order from you?

Brides that order from me are brides who want a GORGEOUS, STYLISH guest book that is WELL MADE, that will last for a very long time. They don't want their most precious words, photos and memories of their wedding day compromised in a cheaply made guest book that will wear, tear, bend, bow, rip or fall apart. They want a guest book that is made with all the BEST quality materials that GUARANTEES it will withstand the test of time.

They also want a guest book that is PERSONAL to them. They want a guest book that has been personally made to suit their style, personality and taste, with all the personal elements, like names and dates  and a special message, verse etc.

How do I know you're going to receive the details of my order correctly?
The process I use to receive orders is very thorough. After I receive your order, I personally email you and re-confirm the order back to you, so if anything was misunderstood, it is cleared up immediately. If I don't get a response via email after several attempts, then I will call or text you to make sure the details of the order is correct.

A proof of all personal inscriptions/messages is sent via email and must be confirmed by the bride via. I will NEVER go ahead with an order until I know you're completely satisfied with the proof.

My thorough process gives you ABSOLUTE peace of mind that I do everything to make sure your order is perfect!

Q.Why do some cover designs come with an additional charge?
Cover designs which attract an extra charge are actually fabrics. In order for us to glue these fabrics to the board, we need to back them. This require extra time and extra materials to do that, which is why we charge an additional fee to cover the time to do this.

Q.Are all the books handmade?
A. YES! Each and every book that I sell on our website is made by me from scratch. I have 10 years experience in bookbinding. I use trusted, age-old bookbinding techniques in every book I produce, so you can be assured you're getting a QUALITY (and beautiful) product every time.

1.  Q.How long will it take to complete my guest book/album?
A.All guest books and albums are hand made to order and due to the intricate process of handcrafting each guest book, we require a minimum of 12 days  notice to produce them. Ideally I'd love you to order at least 3 to 4 months prior to your wedding day to ensure your guest book arrives on time. As long as there is at least 10 days between your order and your wedding day, we should be able to accommodate.

Q.What if I need my guest book urgently?

If you require your guest book within the 2 week period, it is possible,but you will need to contact us and pay immediately so we can begin your order. Please note, that I do require a minimum of 7 days to complete a guest book and therefore urgent orders cannot be submitted under 7 days. If you require your guest book more urgently, I cannot guarantee that I can accommodate your order so please email or phone Beck and I will assist you as best we can.

Q.How many pages does each book include?

Albums come with a standard 45 pages. More pages can be added for an additional cost.

Photo Guest Books come with a standard 20 pages. More pages can be added for an additional cost.

Small Guest Books come with 60-65 standard one-sided pages. (no more can be added to this guest book)

Medium Guest Books come with 80 A4 standard one-sided pages.

More pages can be added to the medium size guest book but not the small guest book.

Q. I want to put photos in my book and write messages around them, what's the best book to use?

A.The only option if you want to add photos, are the albums or photo guest books. The albums/photo guest books are made specifically for the inclusion of polaroids, photo booth photos and any other size photos you may want to include. Extra space is available to write messages around the photo.

What options do I have for the inside pages?
For the photo guest books you have 2 options, black or white card stock. This is thicker paper ideally and suitably used for photos with space for messages.

For the small and medium guest books, there are several options

  1. blank paper
  2. guest heading and lined paper
  3. custom questionnaire or custom layout

How do I know how much guests are going to write in my guest book?
There are so many reasons why a guest will write a little or a lot and it generally depends on

  • What are you asking them to do

If you have a sign that says "Please SIGN my guestbook" chances are, you're going to end up with a bunch of signatures and a brief message (if you're lucky)

INSTEAD, why not TELL the guests what you want them to do, so here's some ideas for getting the guests fill your guest book

  • Ask the guests to ANSWER a questionnaire about you and your partner
  • Ask them to leaves love notes or messages or advice
  • Ask them to DRAW some pictures of you and your partner
  • Provide the guests with funky, cute stamps and glitter pens to use

If you want an amazing guest book FULL of fantastic memories of the night, then give the guests a whole heap of things to use and create and watch the magic unfold.

Q. Can you add ribbons, bows etc to my guest book?

A. No. This is not something I do. My style is classic and timeless. I produce guest books which are made with the idea that 'less is more'. Simple, stylish looks are beautiful and timeless and that's what I'm about. By all means if you would like to add motifs or extras to my finished product, then by all means do so. (Please note, that if you decide to add ribbons, bows etc, then this does void my product guarantee)

Q. How is my book delivered?

A. Each book is carefully packaged in a sturdy protective box and delivered by express post Australia wide. (please note, additional shipping charges apply for international customers).

Q. What if I want something custom made?

A. Depending on what it is, I'm not too limited in being able to create something custom for you. If the cover material is not shown on our website, I can source a fabric for you (an additional fee applies).

I can also do a custom layout specific to your needs (additional fee applies). As long as it fits within the size of the paper, it's not generally a problem. I always recommend emailing or calling us, so we can give you all the options.

My service is concept to completion, so let us know your idea and we'll go through the various options we can offer.

Q. Can you use the same paper as my invitations to make my guest book or album?

A. The short answer is no. Commercial papers used for invitations are not designed to be used in bookbinding. Certainly there are businesses making guest books using these papers, but the end product will not last and will shrink and bubble over time. We want your book to last a lifetime, that is why we only use the highest quality fabrics, bookcloths and papers. We will never use materials that compromise the quality and longevity of your book.

Q.Can I request samples of the cover materials?

A. Absolutely. I can send out complimentary samples of colours or designs that you're looking at using. Your satisfaction is very important to us, and requesting samples is a great way for you to see exactly what materials we use. It's also a great way to colour match with your event theme/colour, as there can be so many variations of the one colour.

For samples, email us with the name and/or colour that you would like us to send.

Q. Can I match the font from my invitations to my guest book?

A.  Yes! We have a large font database, so we can generally match the font to your event stationery or business font. We can source the specific font for you. However, if the font is licensed, unless it is purchased, we're not able to use it. If this is not an option, we will provide options that are similar to your ideal font.

Q.What if I change my mind?

We can begin the construction of your guest book within 24 hours of receiving your order. Within that time, we will confirm your order. If we do not hear from you within this 24 hour period, then we assume that we have authority to proceed. Therefore any changes made to the design after this initial period can go ahead, however  if we have already commenced your order, you may incur charges to cover the cost of time and materials used.
Changes to the inscription can be made right up to the confirmation of your inscription and font details. Changes cannot be made after confirmation and once inscription has been started. Any changes made after we've received confirmation can be altered at the expense of the buyer.

How do I store my wedding guest book?
The best place for your wedding guest book is in a cool dry place. Constant exposure to heat and moist areas will effect the book, like any other book.

Our Trading Hours

Whilst we operate our business almost exclusively online, this does not necessarily mean that we are available 24/7. We always carry out very prompt service and respond well within 24 hours to any query during the week. However, response times on the weekends are usually longer. Please understand that we have families and that usually on weekend we are enjoying a break from our work and spending quality time with our families. So with any orders made over the weekend, delays in responding til the following Monday will occur. We thankyou for your understanding and patience.

Disclaimer - Personalised Guest Books & Albums

Important information, please read carefully
When ordering a personalised guest book, we do everything we can to ensure the details of your order are correct. This includes and is not limited to, the spelling of the inscription and the chosen font.

As we send a confirmation of your order, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the details on the confirmation order are correct. If there is any information that is not correct at the time of confirmation, we need to be notified immediately and a new confirmation will be sent out.

A proof of any personalised options is sent to you. The proof will show you exactly what the writing will look like on your cover or inside the book. This is where you need to review the proof and make sure you are absolutely happy with everything; spelling, spacing, font choice, size and placement. We will not go ahead with the book, until the proof is confirmed.

We cannot be held responsible for errors which were not foreseen by the customer in the confirmation email. If such an incident does occur, a replacement can be done at the expense of the customer. If you believe we have made an error, email us or call us before sending anything back. In your email, please refer to your order number and describe the nature of the problem. We will never ask you to pay for our mistake, and we appreciate the opportunity to correct errors if they occur.

My goal is your satisfaction and we strive to solve problems as quickly and conveniently as possible for you.