Terms & Conditions

Holiday Notice: We will be unavailable from 25th September 2017 to 10th October 2017. If you require a guest book during this time, please order as soon as possible. 

By purchasing one of my products, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out below. Please make sure you have carefully read our T&C before ordering.

Your satisfaction is very important to me, please address any questions you may have regarding the details of ordering a guest book/album before purchasing.

If you have an unanswered question, please don't hesitate to contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 0422 456 437

Handmade is exactly that Made By Hand

Please understand and take into account that these books are made by hand, every single one of them.

A lot of love, labour and time goes into each and every products and that's something I'm very proud of.

Ordering Process Very Important Info - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

We adhere to a very strict process after we receive an order.

After we receive an order we will always confirm the order back to the customer. This is to ensure the details we receive are correct.

It is the responsibility of the customer to read through their order and make sure everything is correct and to notify us of any changes that need to be made.

Before we can proceed to make the book, we must receive either an email, text message that the order is correct. We will not progress with your book until we receive email confirmation your order is correct. Delays in confirmation, means delays in starting the book.

A proof of any personal/custom options is then sent through. Again, we must receive email confirmation that you're happy to proceed. Whereby there is a choice between inscription, you must state which choice you prefer. I cannot proceed with the book until the proofs have been approved. Usually I give 24hours to respond. If I do not hear from you, then I send a reminder to your mobile number.

We absolutely recommend (and is reminded in our emails) to print out your own copy of the proofs you receive, so you know exactly how it will look. Some fonts for example are a lot smaller or take up a lot of space and it can be hard to judge how the font will look until you see it printed out.

We will always make recommendations and may give you several options with the wordings you provide us with but ultimately it is your choice. Therefore, we take no responsibility or offer refunds of any kind for decisions that were made by the client and approved of throughout the ordering and design process.

Once all proofs are approved, we have to assume that you have thoroughly looked over the proof. The proofs are designed to show you how it will be, in terms of spacing, word placement, sizing etc. So if you don't like it or would like to go another way, you must communicate that to us.

Delays in confirming proofs, just extends the time it takes to design, construct and finish the book and may compromise the ability to get the book finished in time.

When an order is made that is required under 2 weeks, it is critical that the customer respond as soon as possible to confirm their order. It makes it very difficult for us to try and accommodate guest books at short notice if we do not get that confirmation promptly.

Proofs and Additional Costs
The total cost of your guest book includes 3 proofs for the front cover and the first page.

If you would like to see additional artwork, choices or designs for your first page or cover options beyond the 3 proofs already shown to you, then we charge a min $45 for up to an additional 3 proofs of both.

Delays in continuing with your book will occur if you would like further changes and additional costs have not been received.

We will notify you of this in the emails containing the proofs.

If you are not sure of  a font you would like to use, we strongly recommend you do some research and trials first. So looking up fonts and actually writing out your names and dates or what ever information you want and see how it works for your style and taste. It's not recommended that you chew up too much time on this with us as this is a additional fee and as mentioned the cover inscription cost are not only for designing and placing on your book but also for proof set up also. Unfortunately the more time outside of the 3 proofs allowed will be at the cost of the customer.


If you would like samples of either our bookcloth colours or cardstock we use for the inscription to be posted out to you, then we have a $15 min charge to prepare and post off this to you (within Australia). Any pre-design/sample work is charged at $35 per half hour. For example, if you would like to see your inscription printed out first hand prior to purchasing a wedding guest book.

Please email me for payment details if you would like to do this.

For some brides, this is a great way to colour match to your overall wedding theme, or see how your inscription will look printed out.

Your Personal Details

When we receive your order, we collect your address, mobile phone and email address. We do not pass this information on to anyone, at any time for any reason.

The address is used purely to deliver your guest book.

We need to use your email address to communicate with you. This is our main form of communication, before, during and after the ordering, design and creating process. All proofs and enquiries are primarily sent via email.

We may use your mobile number to contact you to follow up on an order, and to interact with you during the ordering process or prior to ordering.

We respect your right to privacy. Once our service is complete, we store your file in our archives and store for 5 years.


My Product Guaranteee
I guarantee the quality of my products. I guarantee that when the book leaves my studio it is in perfect condition. I personally take a photo of every book before it's posted off. This safe guards my work and knowledge of how it left my studio.

If you do not receive the book in this condition, then I need to be contacted immediately along with a photo of the damaged book.

Requesting your book 6-12 months out of your wedding date.

I will always recommend that your guest book or album is not delivered outside the 4 weeks before your wedding date, particularly if you order 6-12 months ahead of time. If you insist on having your book prepared outside the 4 week period before your wedding date, I will accommodate your requests but please be aware that the product guarantee is not applicable. Please be aware of this before ordering.
My books are all made using the same processes, same quality that ensures it is in perfect condition when it leaves my studio. If you insist on having your product made and delivered 2-12months ahead of time, then whatever happens to the book after it has left my studio, is not my responsibility. Unfortunately accidents can and do occur.

If the book is left out for others to mishandle, or gets damaged or drinks are spilled on it or anything which alters the original state of the book, again, I am not liable for this and a no returns and no refunds policy applies. Please be sure you understand this risk before insisting on your order be delivered 2-12 months ahead of time.

Storing and Caring for Your Guest Book

Storing your guest book in a safe, cool and dry place on a flat surface before, during and after use is always recommended. Refunds are not applicable if you do not look after your book.

When you receive your guest book, you receive very clear instructions on where/how to store your guest book.
If you leave your book outside or in high heat/moisture conditions, or in your hot car or similar which damages the book, then I am not responsible for this. I am happy to replace your guest book, but at your expense.

Lead time to Create Your Guest Book.

I know a lot of brides are eager to have their guest book arrive as quickly as possible. If I was making something cheap, I would have it to you as soon as possible. But producing a beautiful quality book takes time. There's a lots of gluing time, a LOT of pressing time and then construction time and after the book is put together we then press again for 48hours. In times of extreme humidity we sometimes cannot work as the conditions are too risky. Other times, particularly in humidity, books need at least 7 days to dry completely (and that's just the covers)

We're very proud of the standard of work we produce, and maintaining that standard means following the same strict processes for every book we produce.

Cheaper books take little time, but then the results can be seen in a rushed book also.

We will never take shortcuts simply to send a guest book to you earlier than required.

Please understand that if your guest book takes 4 weeks, it's generally because it needs it and due to very busy times of the year,, ie wedding season, we get extremely busy.

If you have any questions to the time frame, please email us and we can discuss this with you.

Humidity and Your Guest Book

Heat and moisture cause paper to curl with the grain.  What does paper curling and moisture have to do with bookbinding? You may not realise it, but between printing pages, and gluing the book block, the materials that make a book, go through quite a few different environments and unfortunately one of the hardest to control is humidity.

If you find that your pages are starting to curl then simply place the book on a flat surface and place a sheet of waxing paper on top of the book and then a flat piece of board on top. Use some weight on the book to press (suck as bricks) for a couple of days.

Our books are produced in a humid environment so drying time and pressing time are extended as moisture in the air will mean that the book takes longer to dry, sometimes up to a week of drying is required.

When a book is finished, we press the book again in it's completed form. Again this is a critical part of our process, as it sets the book. This pressing time takes a min 24-48 hours.


What my guarantee DOES cover;

My guest book guarantee covers the quality the materials I use in my guest books and albums. That only suitable materials have been used to glue the covers.

I guarantee my guest books will not wear and tear around the edges of the book.

I guarantee that my guest books and albums do as I say they will do.

My guest books will open and shut and perform as a book.

For the large guest books, I guarantee that they are suitable for inserting and holding photos

I guarantee my guest books and albums will retain their shape (given they have not been placed on an uneven surface for a prolonged period of time and that heavy objects have not been placed on top)

What my guarantee  or Refund policy does not cover;

If something is spilled on your guest book or album

If it is mishandled in any of the following ways; thrown, sat on, dropped, has been bent past it's hinge or has had a heavy item placed on it and is bent out of shape, due to being placed or left on an uneven surface and high heat environment (such as the car).

If it's placed in a dirty or dusty environment staining the pages or cover

If it is left with friend or family and is damaged in any of the aforementioned ways

Misplaced or lost.

The wording, spelling, artwork and designs are wrong on personal or first page inscriptions, where the customer has approved the email proofs.

If you insert photos into the small guest book, against my recommendation. As the book is not designed for photos and will fan out.

Left or placed in a wet/moist area.

Change of mind

Aesthetically displeasing

Date Required
We have an option in our ordering process to give us a date that you require your order. This is used a guide only.  The main purpose of this is to give us a completion timeline. Obviously where the occasion or need is urgent we will ensure that we can accommodate.

Generally speaking we use your date required to design, create and deliver the book.

As a general rule we prioritise each order according to wedding dates. So for example if your wedding is in June and you have ordered in February, we will do the orders for the month of February, March and April first. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

If you require it urgently, please communicate this with us to see if we can accommodate your request.

Our consultation disclaimer

Ultimately, I want you to LOVE your book, that's my aim.

When I consult with you to discuss your best options, my advice is given based on the knowledge you have given me of what your needs are including budget, style, size of your wedding and purpose.

I will always make recommendations based on the information you have given me and I will always suggest several options for you, but I am not responsible for the choices you make.

If you approve your proofs without printing them out as advised in each and every email and upon receiving the book you're not happy, then we can re-do the book, but at the client's expense.

Font Selection

Our website doesn't have an exhaustive list of fonts, however we do have a very large selection on file.

If you have chosen a font, I will always check first to see if I have it. Otherwise, I will do an internet search to see if it's available. There are 2 options at this point;

1. If it's a licensed font and you would still like to use it, then an upfront payment is required to purchase the licensed font.

2. If it's available to download without any licenses attached then we'll do this.

If the font is licensed, and you don't want you don't want to pay for it, then I send you alternate options either from what I find on the internet or what's on my personal file.

These options will always be offered, consulted and shown in proofs to you, so ultimately you decide what you prefer.

Product Information

Every product page on our website clearly explains the size of the book, the orientation of the book and polaroid size suggestions. It is the client's responsibility to ensure the information is read correctly before ordering to ensure they are fully aware of the size they order. Further to this, all orders are confirmed including the size chosen.

Some movement of the inside pages is inevitable with each of our guest books.This is perfectly ok and normal, due to the binding styles of the book.

To align the pages once more, simply loosen the screws with a flat head screw driver and adjust pages so that they are even once more.

The small guest book is wire bound so, there will naturally be movement as the inside pages move around the wire comb. This movement will occur up and down the book. This will not alter the function of the book.

You may also notice with the smaller guest book that the pages may not sit flush at the end. This again, is fine and perfectly normal in keeping with the binding style of the book.

This is because as the top pages sit closer on the wire comb, it shortens the length of the pages only slightly and as the middle pages sit in the middle of the wire comb, those middle pages will jut out. Again, the difference is very minimal and barely noticeable.

Some movement will also occur for the screw bound A4 Guest Book and Photo Guest Book. Because the screws used to hold the pages together are not as big as the holes in the covers, there will be some give. This does not alter the function of the book and is in no way a reason or right for a refund or replacement.

Photo Guest Books

We use thicker card stock for the photo guest book. This among other reasons is to hold the weight of the photos you place on the card. The thicker card also allows you use both sides so any messages you place on one side will not come through on the other side.

The paper in the photo guest books has also been scored, which means a crease has been forged along the left hand margin of the book. This allows the card stock pages to turn easier.

When you insert photos into the photo guest book, it essentially adds another layer to the book and increases the thickness of the book.  You may notice that the chicago screws placed in the photo guest book are a little longer when you first receive the book. This is a necessary step to allow the book to expand and accommodate the photos you place inside.The chicago screws that bind the photo guest book will naturally accommodate that extra thickness. However you may notice when you've placed the photos in, that the pages may (or may not) stick up a little. If the photo guest book cover does happen to sit up a little because of this, all you need to do is place something of about the same size (not something smaller) as the photo guest book cover, like a clean chopping board on top of the photo guest book overnight and it will rest and flatten the book once again.

Product Photos on my Website
The photos on my website are provided to give you a good indication of what my finished guest books look like. This includes the style of cover inscriptions I do, the style of books I produce, including the small wire bound, the A4 and large photo guest book.

I don't alter any of my photos to distort the appearance of my work. At best I crop and may add enhanced lighting, but that's about it.

If you would like to see more photos, simply email me and I'll send examples of something particular that you're after.

Returns/Refunds cannot be given on the basis that you weren't aware of how the book would look.

Photos of each different guest book are provided on their own product page, for example, all photo guest book photos are on the Photo Guest Book page and so on. Whatever the product is that you're looking to purchase, simply view the gallery of photos on that product page, to see what the end product looks like.

All proofs and the information in the email clearly show how the inscription will appear and look on your book.

Custom Layout Options
We do offer the option to design your own guest book layout at an additional expense. Any custom layouts are printed using standard laser printing machine, not a type set printer. There is a difference. A type set printer has specialty plates made up and so when the paper is printed it prints perfectly flat. This is not the case with laser printing. With laser printing, it produces heat and will heat up each individual page you print on. When heat is applied to the page it does not come out flat. In this case we print out the custom pages and then press the text block for as long as possible to get the paper to flatten out. As a result, it should be as flat as possible however, there may be slight ripples at the edges where the weight of the press has not evenly distributed.
In circumstances where the job is urgent and we can't press as ideally long as possible, there may be more of an appearance of ripples.

For best results, the earlier you can order a book with a custom layout the better. Pressing the layout for a minimum of 3 weeks works best.

I do recommend printing out your proofs so you can see first hand how your personal inscriptions will look.

Change of Mind

If you receive your book and you're not happy with the cover inscription or first page options and how they are laid out or the appearance of it and would like to have it amended or removed, then this is YOUR expense. If all proofs have been approved via writing in email or via text message, then that is our final authorisation to continue as approved with the book. As we always recommend that you print out your custom options. It is the responsibility of the client to do as recommended and print out their options, so they know how they'll look.

If you would like anything changed, at your own expense you'll need to re-send the guest book back and pay for the postage back to you also. You'll then be charged an additional costs (min 30 minutes work ) to re-do any of the options.

We cannot be held responsible for your aesthetic opinion of the book. We provide enough actual photos of our books for you to decide if you like our style. When you purchase a book from us, we have to assume that you are buying because you love the overall look and style of how we do our guest books. (For example, if you don't like the cover inscription style but love our book, then simply don't order the cover inscription)

Our Trading Hours

Whilst we operate our business almost exclusively online, this does not necessarily mean that we are available 24/7.

We always carry out very prompt service and respond well within 24 hours to any query during the week. However, response times on the weekends are usually longer.

Please understand that we have families and that usually on weekend we are enjoying a break from our work and spending quality time with our families.

So with any orders made over the weekend, delays in responding til the following Monday will occur.

We thankyou for your understanding and patience.

The Cover Inscription
Identical processes are used for all cover inscriptions.

We print your wording on white/cream 250gsm textured card stock.

We then glue this on a complimentary colour bookcloth and then glue this on to the cover of the book.


When we receive feedback on our work, we may reproduce this feedback, along with the photo of the book you had ordered on our website, or social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

If you'd prefer not to have this shown, please let us know at the time of ordering or when you send feedback.

Disclaimer - Personalised Guest Books & Albums

Important information, please read carefully
When ordering a personalised guest book, we do everything we can to ensure the details of your order are correct. This includes and is not limited to, the spelling of the inscription and the chosen font.

As we send a confirmation of your order, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the details on the confirmation order are correct. If there is any information that is not correct at the time of confirmation, we need to be notified immediately and a new confirmation will be sent out.

A proof of any personalised options is sent to you. The proof will show you exactly what the writing will look like on your cover or inside the book. This is where you need to review the proof (and print it out) and make sure you are absolutely happy with everything; spelling, spacing, font choice, size and placement. We will not go ahead with the book, until the proof is confirmed.

We cannot be held responsible for errors which were not foreseen by the customer in the confirmation email. If such an incident does occur, a replacement can be done at the expense of the customer. If you believe we have made an error, email us or call us before sending anything back. In your email, please refer to your order number and describe the nature of the problem. We will never ask you to pay for our mistake, and we appreciate the opportunity to correct errors if they occur.

My goal is your satisfaction and we strive to solve problems as quickly and conveniently as possible for you.

Communicating With the Bride

If there is ever a problem with the book, then I need to be able to resolve it with the bride herself.

I understand that there are occasions where the book is ordered on the bride's behalf. When this occurs, I need to be able to deal with bride directly to resolve the situation. Ultimately it is her book that she will want to keep and preserve, so dealing with the bride directly will give me the opportunity to resolve the matter with her in accordance with her feelings and wishes on the matter.

Replacement/Refund Policy

If there is a repairable error with the book that you believe is my error, you must email or phone me as soon as possible, no later than 1 days after receiving it.

To asses the problem, you'll be asked to take a pic of it and describe the nature of the error.

If the error is deemed my fault then by agreement, our policy is to have the book returned back to us to allow us to rectify the problem and a replacement will be sent back to you. The expense to have it returned to me will be covered by me.

If this occurs too close to the wedding date and it's repairable and the bride is happy to use the guest book on the wedding day,  then we will arrange for your book to be sent back to us after your wedding date to be rectified and replaced. We must receive written approval via email that the bride is happy to use the guest book for her wedding day with the stated errors and is happy to arrange to have the book returned no later than 14 days after the wedding..

If this occurs too close to the wedding date, the book is repairable but the bride is not happy to have it repaired after the wedding day, then a full refund will be awarded, on the condition that the book is returned to me, in it's original and unused condition. For the refund to be processed, I need to receive in writing stating that you're not happy to use the guest book and include your request to pursue a refund. At which point I will reply with instructions for the books return. The unused guest book must be returned within 7 days of receiving your refund approval.

If I do not receive a response after the initial email stating the errors within 1 day of whether you're happy to use the guest book or not, then I assume that you are happy to use the guest book as it is and no further action will be taken on my part.

There are no refunds where the bride has still accepted and chosen to use the repairable guest book, with the stated errors on her wedding day. In this situation, a refund is not applicable but we are still more than happy to fix and repair the guest book at our expense.

If the book is delivered in an irreparable state due to damage in transit too close to the wedding to replace or repair, then  I will offer a full refund. The refund is subject to approval and subject to receiving a pic of the guest book immediately upon receiving the guest book.

If the fault with the book is irreparable through transit with enough time before the wedding to replace it then we will replace the guest book or album.

A refund will be offered to the repairable guest book, if you do not wish to have it fixed or replaced in which case we will ask for the book to be returned unused and in the condition that it is was delivered. The book must be returned within 7 days of requesting a refund.

To receive the refund you must put your request in writing and post the original, unused guest book back. Once we receive the guest book in the condition it which is was sent, we will refund your money.

Refunds are not given simply because the bride changes their mind.

I do my utmost best to show pictures and explain my products well throughout my website as well as through email and phone consultation, including binding styles, how they're put together, the completed book, and examples of the book being opened. Therefore refunds are not given because a lack of knowledge on the entire arrangement of the book. In these situations, I am more than willing to talk through the issues and come to an agreed solution.

What is repairable?

Since the guest book is hand made from scratch, every element of the guest book or album is repairable.

For the small guest book, as the covers are made in one piece, if there was a problem with the guest book, then I would have to start the book from scratch. This is still considered repairable.

For the medium and large guest books, they are made up of 2 covers and inside pages.

So if there was damage or an error with one of or both covers then then I can simply repair the cover/s that's damaged or that contains the error.

Repairable elements include;

cover inscription

first page message

spelling name, date errors (which were not approved by the bride)

wire binding of the small guest book and wire bound books

all back and front covers

all unused pages

What is irrepairable?

Irrepairable refers to the extent of the damage/error that deems the book unusable.

So examples might be;

the spine is broken and the book can't or wont open

the covers have been broken, snapped or deformed, so the book cannot open or close

the whole book is literally in pieces and cannot be used to open, or write in

The whole book is bent beyond repair.

The pages have torn from the binding, or  water soaked, or stained